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Best Overall Cardio Apps in 2012

best cardio apps 2012

Cardiovascular training, more commonly referred to as aerobic training or “cardio”,  is vital to improving one’s health and preventing various medical conditions like hypertension, obesity and heart disease. There are numerous cardio activities like walking, running and playing sports. If you are looking to enhance your cardio programs or track your workouts then check out the following cardio apps:

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Best iPhone Running Apps For Fun and Motivation in 2012

Running for pleasure or for exercise has become more enjoyable and effective with modern technology. There are numerous applications for the iPhone, iPod or iPad that will take your running experience to a higher level. Here’s a look at the top applications for casual and die-hard runners.

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6 Ways to Minimize Distractions Online

online distractions

You have a job that requires you be online all day. You have the freedom to go wherever your fingers guide you. You frequently get distracted from what you are doing and have no idea how you ended up on a website about tall people (don’t click that, silly!). Distraction begets more distraction. Here are 6 tips to improve productivity and minimize distractions, or websites you don’t really want to be on, but somehow keep finding yourself there anyway.

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List of Fitness and Exercise Podcasts

fitness podcasts list

Since I workout a lot and music can get boring after a while, I like to listen to podcasts while I exercise sometimes. Since all fitness podcasts seem to be scattered over a few different places, I thought this list will help of some of you. I have included all podcasts relating to fitness – weight loss podcasts, bodybuilding podcasts and general nutrition podcasts. Know of any that aren’t in the list yet? please shoot me a message and I will add them.

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Make every moment a new moment

right moment

As some of you know, I’ve recently taken up meditation. So far, the most profound part of it for me has been the fact that when I let myself relax and ignore all the ‘noise’ around me, I instantly see a new and refreshing perspective on everything. Perspectives I missed because of all the noise and ‘traffic’ in by brain.

Today It dawned on me how repetitious our lives can get. Day after day, week after week, year after year. If we don’t proactively look to make every moment new, many are the same. Just played out again and again. Until they don’t even feel new or different. We sometimes need to remind ourselves not to replay moments.

Or as I like to put it: “Make every moment, a new moment”


Get The Body. Get The Girl.

Just saw this ad for Get The Body. Get The Girl. I was directed here from the UFC website although I’m sure they are advertising elsewhere as well. One more rep for the girls…sorry, I meant one more scoop of protein or whatever that is. ad

Yeah, that’ll get you laid.


7 Keys to Realizing your Fitness Goals

Regardless of which diet you follow or what kind of workout routine you choose, the following 7 things are paramount in realizing your fitness goals.

Create Habits

When designing your workout plan or diet, focus on creating long-term habits. Ask yourself the following 2 questions:

1) Is this something I can realistically do for the next month? 2) Is this something I see myself doing for the rest of my life?

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Do Something Every Day

One of the main keys to being successful at anything is to make related habits. If you wanted to start reading more, establishing habits like reading before bed or taking a book with you when you travel would help you meet that goal a lot quicker. Not only will you be reading during those times, but it would remind you about reading and get you more interested in books in general. As a result, you will find additional time to read as well.

Fitness is no diferent. It doesn’t have to be something big, or take a long time. Just getting into the habit of doing something fitness-related every day will help keep you focused on your goals. It will also become a habit and you’ll barely notice you’re doing it. Not to mention the obvious benefits it will have on your health.

For example, every morning when I wake up I take 10 minutes to do some stretching and light exercises for my abs. Regardless of whether I’m going to be going to the gym that day or not, I do this routine every morning. And every month or so, I’ll add to it. Make it a bit harder. But still keep it at about 10 minutes.

It can be a 10 minute fast-walk. Or doing  some pushups and crunches. It can be at anytime during the day, but it should be the same time every day. Start with something basic to ensure you will actually do it every day. This is not a workout. You shouldn’t be sweating, aching or dreading it. 5-12 minutes maximum.

After a few days, you will begin to look forward to it. It will bring you a sense of calm and keep you grounded.

Start today. What’s it gonna be?




Strengthening Your Habits

Just wanted to write a quick note about habits. Last night I was thinking about how most times when we eat something we know is unhealthy or skip a workout, we only think about the consequence of that particular instance. It isn’t the end of the world, right?

In reality though, the bigger impact is that we are strengthening that negative habit. That one time won’t matter THAT much, but it is making that bad behavior stronger and more likely to happen again.

Luckily, the reverse is also true. When you make a healthy choice or go extra hard at the gym, aside from that one instance being good for you, you are strengthening that habit. I think about this when making decisions and it really helps motivate me to make the right choice.

How Far Does Your Fitness Routine Push Your Limits?

Pushing the Extreme in Your Fitness Routine

Everyone has a different definition of an extreme fitness routine and the one thing to keep in mind is you will never know your limits unless you push yourself. Finding the drive in your fitness routine is the key to the success of any weight loss program.

No matter what your reason for losing weight, the first step is to find the motivation and stay dedicated to it. Once you have an “I won’t fail attitude”, the rest is easy. Most people find the mental aspect of weight loss the most difficult part to overcome. Once you are over that hurdle the physical part only takes a little scheduling.

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