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Best Bike Trainer for Your Cycling Needs

Thoughts of what may or may not be the best bike trainer may not be high on your priority list, but at some point you may be in search of a bike trainer to help you maintain your hard earned fitness.

We have had the good fortune to find the joys of cycling many years ago and growing up in Maine makes for a fairly short cycling season and a decent sized off season with which you need to work hard to maintain your fitness.  We have been able to test and ride just about all of the major brand bike trainers on the market and we have a definite favorite trainer beyond compare.

The best bike trainer that we have found for our needs is the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.  This bike trainer is a pretty simple design and doesn’t offer a computerized screen or a rocking chassis or high tech paint job or any of that.  What it does offer is a rock solid chassis, superb ride feel and nearly bullet proof internal designs, which are well known in the cycling industry.

What I really like about the Kurt Kinetic Bike Trainers is the way they feel when you are riding them.  Some trainers are really erratic and do not provide a ride quality that is anything similar to a real road ride feel.  The Kinetic trainer is a fluid design that uses a very unique technology that will provide an excellent ride quality feel yet has virtually eliminated any of the leaking problems that fluid trainers are known to develop over time.

So while you may not be looking for a high quality bike trainer right now, the cold days of winter will be upon us very soon and it’s only a matter of time.  Some of the best times to buy an expensive item is when nobody is looking to buy.  You can find some excellent summer time deals on bike trainers because there aren’t very many buyers in the market.