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Can’t Get to the Gym? Try This

Big health clubs and gyms are great…all sorts of equipment, and classes to take, but that is not the only path to success .

If your gym is 30 minutes from your house, and you need 15 minutes to get changed in the locker-room, that is an hour and 15 minutes of time spent “getting ready” to work out. What if instead you took and expanded your actual workout time by 30 minutes? That could be 300 extra calories burnt. Doing that just 3 times per week would equate to an extra pound of fat lost per month!

Unfortunately, a lot of people skip the gym because of the travel time just to get there .

Take a look at the amount of times that you show up at the gym and it is overcrowded and you end up not being able to do a full workout because of crowding.

So…if you start thinking about moving away from the gym and working out at home, here are some basics that might help .

1. Have a plan. The lack of structure, can make home workouts more challenging. Have a plan and work it.

2. Good shoes…make sure that you have a good pair of shoes. Where I live In hardwood flooring is very common and it can put real strain your shins and calves. Having supporting shoes will help. Alternately putting down a piece of carpet on the floor can help.

3. Invest in some other basic equipment. A set of dumbbells, a jump rope and a pull up bar. You are saving a monthly gym membership…invest a little in a some equipment.

4. Hit the road. Good old fashioned running is a great calories burner .

5. You don’t have to get fancy…simple push ups, pull ups, squats and other basic movements do a great job of getting you in shape.

6. Remember the most important room in the house for getting in shape is the kitchen. It takes an hour to burn 600 calories and takes a minute to eat them!

Don’t let not being able to make it to the gym ruin your fitness goals . Home workouts are a great alternative.