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Best Overall Cardio Apps in 2012

best cardio apps 2012

Cardiovascular training, more commonly referred to as aerobic training or “cardio”,  is vital to improving one’s health and preventing various medical conditions like hypertension, obesity and heart disease. There are numerous cardio activities like walking, running and playing sports. If you are looking to enhance your cardio programs or track your workouts then check out the following cardio apps:

The Must Have Cardio Apps

BeatBurn by Lolo, has become one of the most praised cardio apps available. BeatBurn combines expert guidance with 24 different sound tracks that will motivate you to pick up the pace. If you don’t like the premade soundtracks, this app will pick the most upbeat songs in your music library to help keep the tempo high for whatever workout you are doing. BeatBurn has an interactive personal trainer that will guide you through various workouts. This app will design custom workouts based on your fitness level and goals. The workouts are challenging and the results are staggering. This app is a must have for all cardio exercisers.

• Compatible – All iDevices
• Price – $3.99

The Best Heart Rate Monitor

iHeartRate is a highly decorated app that has climbed the charts all over the world. This app is simple to use and elegant to look at. Track all important heart rate data like your target heart rate, resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. Carefully monitor your heart rate and intensity level while working out. iHeartRate will also inform you if you are training at a level that’s unsafe, by collecting all of your health data to create a personal profile. When your workout is complete, iHeartRate will tell you how many calories that you have burned.
• Compatible – All iDevices
• Price – $2.99

The Best Pedometer

iTreadmill takes pedometers to a whole new level. This app has gained national attention with major health entities lining up to lend their support. From Oprah to Weight Watchers, iTreadmill has become one of the top rated apps of any fitness niche. The name is slightly misleading as this app can be used for more than just on the treadmill. Take it with you to the mall, the beach, a walk around the neighborhood or any other physical activity that involves running or walking. iTreadmill has an impressive set of features. The app can track your step count, distance, current speed and pace, calories burned, and much more. The graphics are visually appealing and add to the overall experience. Once you start using this app, you will never stop.
• Compatible – All iDevices
• Price – $1.99

The Best GPS App

If you want to run like a gazelle then the Gazelle app is just for you. This app is a heavy duty GPS tracker that’s so simple to use, it’s no wonder why major sites like are raving about it. The app takes up the entire phone screen and only needs a tap to start and a tap to stop, which is convenient for when you are running outdoors or on a treadmill. The app allows you customize which data to track and which announcements to play. These announcements are voice cues to help you pick up the pace, change your pace, or stop exercising. Gazelle will record all of your workouts and save the date for future reference.
• Compatible – All iDevices that are GPS enabled.
• Price – $2.99

The Best Cardio Trainer App

Daily Cardio Workout is the best app for individuals looking for some cardio guidance. There are 10 solid cardio programs that you can follow along to. Each program is roughly 5 to 10 minutes but can be repeated for longer durations. Each program has a video that shows you how to perform the workout. There’s a premium version that costs 99 cents and has additional cardio workouts and is ad-free. This app is most suitable for beginning exercisers. However, the premium version can be customized for more advanced cardio exercisers.
• Compatible – All iDevices
• Price – Free

Other Cardio Apps To Check Out

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CardioRisk Calculator – calculate your risk for suffering cardiovascular diseases.
RunKeeper - the best running app on the planet.
Zombies Run! – the most fun cardio app ever created.

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