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Comparison Of Cheap Tennis Ball Machines

Tennis ball machines are great for improving your tennis game by providing a reliable shot every time and allowing you to practice often when no one else is available. But they also can have tons of features, some that you may or may not need, and ultimately these ball machines cost a lot of money. So if you think that you are ready to buy cheap tennis ball machines, but you are not quite sure which one is right for you, we will compare the different cheap tennis ball machines available.

Lobster Elite Freedom

The Lobster Elite Freedom is the cheap tennis ball machine from Lobster. Having made tennis ball machines for over 20 years, the Lobster brand ball machines are quality tennis ball machines that are known to be both reliable and a little more expensive than other machines. The Lobster Elite Freedom has been designed to be extremely portable with a long lasting lead acid battery that lasts approximately 2-3 hours at a charge, collapsible handle and reversible hopper that fits snugly over the machine to reduce it to half its size when stored. This cheap ball machine holds 150 tennis balls which can sustain a volley for well over 5 minutes on its highest setting. The Elite freedom also has settings that can control the ball speed, how often a ball is served, whether or not it has spin and a toggle for the oscillation feature. The nice part about the Freedom is that the oscillation adds an additional element to practice and gives you a great work out.

Tennis Tutor Tennis Cube

The Sports Tutor company (maker of the Tennis Tutor line of tennis ball machines), has been making ball machines for 30 years and also makes quality tennis machines. The Tennis Tutor Tennis Cube model was designed to directly compete with the Lobster Elite Freedom and has almost identical features with the following exceptions. The Tennis Cube has a slightly smaller hopper that holds only 70 tennis balls. Additionally, the Tennis Cube comes with a smart charger that can control how the machine gets charged preventing any sort of overcharging that could hurt the battery. This is a big deal because it makes charging the Tennis Cube hassle free while other tennis ball machines you have to keep a close eye on how long the machines charge for. The Tennis Cube also offers two models: one with oscillation and one without; giving you more control over the cost of your unit. One more difference is in the warranties. All Lobster tennis ball machines come with a 2 year warranty where as the Tennis Tutor machines only have a 1 year warranty. While this may seem like an unimportant difference, the cost of parts, labor and shipping can more than make up for the difference.

The two cheap tennis ball machines are competitively priced, but the Tennis Cube wins out with a price tag that is about 200 dollars less. However, there is the chance that the unit could break out of warranty and then you’d make up the difference quite quickly.