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Fitness Training And Fitness Tips For The Body & Mind

Fitness training usually begins with the physical body, but it should also include the inner body as well. Fitness exercises to get and maintain optimum health and wellness go much further than simply eating right and getting exercise.  

At our mission is to provide our readers with a wide variety of information, resources, and fitness tips in order to get a whole body fitness workout that our entire team has either extensively researched, tried out for themselves, or experienced at some point.  We invite you to take a look around the site for additional information about fitness, wellness, exercise, weight loss, diet, and other fitness tips related to your health.

The problem that most people run into when they decide to improve their health, fitness level, or go to treat any ailment they may have, is the fact that the fitness workout plans, dietary changes, or treatment they attempt to implement does not look at every aspect of your life. Most of the time, it is the physical aspect of things that we tend to think of first. However, there is much more to it then just that.

Contrary to popular belief, your mental, as well as your spiritual health, greatly impacts how you feel physically. But it is not only your mental and spiritual health that effects your physical well being, it can also work in the opposite way. It all starts with your home fitness and the fitness exercises you do regularly.  What are doing or not doing that you should or shouldn’t be? Home exercise can and should be easily done as part of effective workout plans, even if for only a few minutes in the morning with some meditation and a 10 minute brisk walk.  Regular visits to your family doctor for checkups is also recommended.  If you are one of the many who don’t carry health insurance, then we advise you look into some of the valuable health insurance plans that are available, even to those who think they can’t afford it.  Remember, it’s all part of your optimal fitness.

Physical Fitness Tips

We are all well aware of the physical benefits our bodies’ receive when we exercise, however, as one of many very important fitness tips, there is more than just one positive consequence from fitness exercise.
Studies have shown that exercise and fitness can be a very effective and yet entirely natural anti-depressant. It’s also been shown to help delay the onset of dementia, and also increase brain function in elderly patients.

But why? Why is exercise, or rather being physically fit, so important to being healthy? Although the answers are not entirely clear cut, there are many things that go on in our brain when we exercise.

One of the main beliefs for why exercising and staying in shape with consistent fitness workouts can help make you a happier person is due to the fact that when we work out, our brain releases what are called ‘endorphins’. The word endorphin stands for ‘endogenous morphine’, and yes, it is a painkiller. However this pain killer is entirely natural, but works on the same receptors in the brain as what a doctor would prescribe you.

Exactly how much the endorphins impact are mood is still a question to be answered. The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), which is the part of your head where anything that alters your brain has to go through, and endorphins do not easily cross it. So if the endorphins can’t get across the BBB, then it will effectively do nothing. However, some do end up going through, just the amount would be significantly less than the number that are released.

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