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Frequently Asked Questions About Scarless Tummy Tucks

Growing older, we tend to lose the natural elasticity of our skin, strength of our muscles, and development of more fat. That is why our stomachs tend to protrude and sag, especially if you don’t exercise. This produces an unsightly appearance that makes us humiliated to take off our tops at the beach, wear tight-fitting clothes or clothes that expose our bellies.

This is especially true for women. Women’s stomachs tend to lose their natural curves and shape because of pregnancy. The muscles on your abdomen, called rectus abdominis, separate during pregnancy because of the growth of your baby. After your childbirth, these muscles don’t usually go back to their original tensed position, which creates a bad effect on how your abdomen looks.

“What is a scar-less tummy tuck?”

A scar-less tummy tuck is a surgical operation where the surgeon brings back the youthful look of your stomach by repairing loose muscles, removing excess skin and tightening it over your stomach. Fat may also be removed during the procedure. This is called scar-less tummy tuck, otherwise known as a Mini Tummy Tuck, because incisions will be made in inconspicuous areas, where they will not be seen should you wish to wear a bikini.

“How is the procedure performed?”

A small surgical incision is created along inconspicuous areas, such as along your bikini line. This ensures the “scar-less” look. The abdominal muscles are tightened by suturing them together. The skin is tightened along the abdomen and excess skin is removed. The belly button is not repositioned, unlike during a traditional tummy tuck where it is.

“Who are potential patients for this procedure?”

Men and women who are adults can undergo the procedure. The surgeon also needs to make sure there are no underlying sicknesses which may be aggravated during the procedure. Furthermore, you need to understand that this is not a weight loss procedure, so the patients must be within 15 lbs of their normal weight.

“What should I expect during recovery?”

Complications are less likely to occur with scar-less tummy tuck. They may range from excessive bleeding, infection, or delayed wound healing. Exercise, medications, and other instructions may be provided by your surgeon after the procedure to assist with the healing process. Pain, tenderness, and bruising may be expected until the 6th week following the procedure.

These are the basic things you need to know about a scar-less tummy tuck. Consult different cosmetic surgeons to get more information about this procedure so you can make informed choices along the way.

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