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How Far Does Your Fitness Routine Push Your Limits?

Pushing the Extreme in Your Fitness Routine

Everyone has a different definition of an extreme fitness routine and the one thing to keep in mind is you will never know your limits unless you push yourself. Finding the drive in your fitness routine is the key to the success of any weight loss program.

No matter what your reason for losing weight, the first step is to find the motivation and stay dedicated to it. Once you have an “I won’t fail attitude”, the rest is easy. Most people find the mental aspect of weight loss the most difficult part to overcome. Once you are over that hurdle the physical part only takes a little scheduling.

The first step of a physical routine is to consult your physician. Once he has recommended a dietary plan to fit your health-care needs, you can talk about the types of exercise that you are able to do. Start with something small and regimented, then work your way towards one goal at a time. If for any reason a movement causes severe pain, stop immediately and try something else. Exercise can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be painful. Pick a time slot and stick to it. The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of thirty minutes of physical activity to maintain a healthy heart.

Push yourself. If you can do ten lunges, do four more. If you can do fourteen, do twenty on the next session. Exercise is meant to increase your limits. Try an activity you have never done before. I live in Las Vegas and up until last year, I had never gone hiking in the mountains here. I never knew I could walk and climb three miles until I did it. Now I am up to five miles.

True, weight loss is about calories in, calories out. What you eat and the amount of physical activity is the foundation of any successful weight loss program. Most importantly, the decision to get healthy is not short-term; it is a lifestyle choice. It’s about setting high goals and finding the fortitude to follow through. Whatever your extreme is, try it. You never know what you can accomplish and you just might surprise yourself.