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Juicer Review: Green Star GS-1000

If you want a top quality juicer that makes great tasting and nutritious juice then you should check out a Green Star GS-1000 review. This is an American made juicing appliance that produces a high yield juice that is packed full of nutrition. This machine is not cheap and should perhaps only be considered by experienced juice makers. There are certainly some draw backs to this type of machine but for some people, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Firstly I shall talk about the reasons why the Green Star GS-1000 may not be the juicer for everyone and then move on to talk about why, for some, it is the juicer of choice. I also want to talk a little bit about the benefits of juicing for a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, there is hardly anyone that would not like to be healthier and feel better. But action can we say we take regularly to improve our fitness and lifestyle? This is where having your own juicer really can help. They give us a simple way to take our own pro-active action to better our life. All we have to do is pick some of our favorite fruits and vegetables and then with our juicing appliance, create a great tasting health drink.

If you buy a Green Star GS-1000, you get a juicer that really can juice anything. In fact it can be used for much more than just juicing and can be used for a host of food processing needs. It comes with a range of attachments so you can make a wide range of foods, from pates to pasta. Of course, the main reason that most people purchase this device is to make health drinks with it. The GS-1000 can be a bit cumbersome for a beginner. It takes longer to assemble and clean up after use than a centrifugal juicer.

However on the positive side, the juice that this sort of unit can extract is very high quality. Reasons for this include the fact that it operates at low speeds. This in turn means that there is hardly any effect upon the temperature of the juice. Therefore there will be little damage and oxidation meaning that the nutrients and enzymes will be in the best condition to have a positive impact upon our bodies. So it really depends upon how serious you are about making your own home made juices as to whether the Green Star GS-1000 is for you or not.