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Nuts To Rule Your Cholesterol Levels

Crunchy nuts not only make for a delectable topping on your cakes and puddings but they help control your cholesterol levels. If you love nuts, then you just have one more reason for eating them. They help control your cholesterol and brace the fitness of your heart too.

There is an ample option of nuts to choose between if you want to keep a check on your cholesterol levels. One of the nuts which is best suited for this purpose is walnut. In fact it has been certified by FDA that walnuts are one of the vital foods that lowers cholesterol. In addition to reducing the cholesterol levels, it helps to decrease inflammation. This further diminishes the hazards of many heart diseases.

Walnuts account for an efficient cholesterol lowering fat just because they contain omega 3 trans-acids, which are known to bring down cholesterol levels. These nuts contain alpha linoeic acid and phytosterols that scale back the triglyceride level present in the blood stream.

Further on, consuming walnuts on a constant basis prevents the formation of plaque. Make note the formation of plaque in the arteries can lead to a heart attack attack. It also increases the HDL levels, while reducing the LDL levels at the same time.

While walnuts help to your cholesterol levels in control, they also promote your overall health. They are loaded in countless nutriments like Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex and fiber, which are a must for general fitness. Make sure that you do not consume more than one or two walnuts to keep your cholesterol level in control.

Pistachio nuts are your another great option when it comes to controlling the cholesterol levels in the body. Pistachios have good quantity of phytosterols. These can effectively cut down the cholesterol levels in the human body.Sundry studies have proved that if you eat pistachios each day, you can ensure increase in the good cholesterol by 15 %.

Similarly pistachio nuts are another great source of essential nutrients. The list starts with thiamin, Vitamin B6, magnesium, fiber and potassium and it is going one and on. In fact couples with their great taste, pistachios make a healthy break all by themselves. Plus they have high calorie content.

Pecans are another good option. They’re accepted to be so effective that they bring down the cholesterol levels in your body by as much as 10 %.

FDA has tagged pecans as a heart sensible food. This is as pecans are a superb source of unsaturated fat, which is good for the heart. You can easily include pecans in your typical diet by using them as toppings or making pies with them.

In layman’s terms if you would like effective and tasty way to manage cholesterol, include nuts in your diet.