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Paradigm 100: Relief for Back Pain

Back pain is increasingly common, and the right treatment will depend on how serious the condition is. Many people experience mild back pain caused by the strain from too much sitting or standing. There are also conditions too which are quite a bit more serious than simple strains. These involve the spinal disc, and it is important to treat this kind of injury quickly in order to avoid further damage. More and more doctors are beginning to recommend the non-surgical way of treating back pain through spinal decompression therapy. This is accomplished through several sessions or treatments using the spinal decompression machines.

For mild back pain doctors usually suggest a back exercise or simply take pain killer pills to ease the pain. But the best really is to do back exercise using Inversion table. It is a physical exercise which is design specifically with your feet positioned higher than your head. This table is useful for people who have back pain since when you are in inverted position the gravity will work in the opposite direction thus the gravity helps you to stretch out your back bone. This result to decrease back pain.

A Paradigm 100 inversion table is best for beginners or even for experience users. It helps ease back pain and lessens muscle tension. It is easy to assemble and easy to adjust thus comfortable to use and the most important is it is inexpensive thus affordable by average customers. This workout table is ideal for people who experience chronic back and neck pain, those people who have herniated discs in neck, those who suffer spinal stenosis and those who experience lower lumbar problems.

If you want a quality home inversion table then perhaps you can start researching and consider Paradigm 100 inversion table. It is very effective and what attracts most people to it is because it is not expensive. Check reviews online and read the customer’s comment too. It is best if you research other brands too for you to be able to compare and be able to come up with the best choice for your Inversion table.