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Posture Exercises

It is always wise to understand what one is aiming for when one undertakes any task and in the case of posture exercises, one’s task is simply to attain neutral posture. Neutral posture simply means that the stresses on the skeletal and muscular system are at a minimum through proper balance of the LOG (Line of Gravity). One will know this neutral alignment is realized by seeing if the landmarks are aligned. When these landmarks, namely the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders are aligned in a straight line, neutral alignment has been attained.

Squeezing the shoulder blades back is an exercise you do simply by sitting on the chair, feet on the floor, and hands on thighs. You then squeeze then shoulder blades back and hold for 5-10 seconds, then release. You can repeat as many times as you like, as many days as you like depending on time and personal requirements. If one is not sure, 10 repetitions, once a day are always a nice round figure.

Pulling in the abdominals, will not only help posture, but help to strengthen abdominal muscles. In a sitting position similar to that described above simply pull in the stomach while at the same time deeply inhaling, hold for 5-10 seconds and release while exhaling. Your repetition cycle of this exercise is the same as that described above.

Finally, ‘retraction and protraction of the cervical muscles’ is a great way to correct the posture around the neck or cervical area. Once again, while in a sitting position similar to that described in the previous movements slowly pull the neck in until the chin touches the chest, hold for 5-10 seconds. One then pulls the neck back until the back of the head touches the shoulders and hold for 5-10 seconds. Once again, you can repeat the movements as your needs and time available require and allow respectively.

These are very good beginner posture exercises and the great advantage is that they can be done anywhere, be it in the home or office. They are especially useful and therapeutic if one’s profession requires that one be sitting at a desk all day such as an accountant or clerk.

For those of you that are more interested in a true workout that will correct your posture and make you stand straight as an arrow, some time spent at the gym will be required.  You will want to focus on your back, both upper back and lower back exercises.  For more information on those exercises, please visit the posture exercises guide.