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Exercise: Push-Up

Muscles worked: Pectoralis Major (chest), Triceps,  Deltoid Muscles (shoulders.)

Best Video Showing Push-Up Technique

Most Common Mistakes

1. Leaning elbows outward, away from the body (horizontally), instead of aligning them vertically - they should almost be swiping the sides of your body as you go up and down.

2. Putting your head down or moving it as you go up and down. This causes your back to sag and lose form. Your head should only move along with the rest of your body, not by itself.

3. Not keeping a neutral spine; both sticking your butt out upward too much or having your hips sag too low are incorrect posture. Be sure to keep a totally neutral spine and core.

Tougher Versions of the Push-Up

One-Handed Push-Ups

Clapping Push-Ups