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Rules of Shaolin American Kempo Karate & Martial Arts

Right here are some principles that could get you some much better leverage out of any art, not just Kempo Karate.

Establish Your Base

Any combative artist requirements to get rooted within the soil. It is only from your rooting to the soil that your blocks, strikes and kicks may have any actual energy to them. It may aid to believe of pushing a vehicle or sawing wood to obtain what I imply. In case your not planted effectively you might have no impact.


This the range your attacking limb moves prior to result. This tends to extremely with every person. Bruce Lee for instance produced some quite outstanding energy from his now popular 1-inch-punch. You possibly can have one of the most potent punch or kick within the globe, BUT in the event you provide it as well close OR as well much away it may have tiny impact. Bag function assists master this.

Your Prevent ought to be a Cocked Placement

That is about creating much better economy of motion. The stop you use must be the cocked placement, or prelude for the strike. You ought to also have sufficient “Distance” to create the energy you require too. An inward obstruct followed by a back fist or cross chop is definitely an example of this.


You know the old saying “Timing is Everything” Blocking or landing strikes relies heavily on this 1 principle. You do not must have plenty of rate in case you master your timing, BUT pace DOES support. This could be acquired via practice.

Maintain Your Hands Over the Opponent’s

You may be capable of react far more rapidly for your opponents attacks in case your hands are previously his. Kinda giving you a head start off type of speak. It also kind of offers you the large soil that is usually an benefit in battle.


When you are blocking about the within on the opponents arm do so involving the wrist and elbow. About the outside, prevent previously the elbow. This tends to remove his capability to utilize the very same arm to carry on its assault on you.

Margin of Error

Very good martial arts methods ought to construct in insurance policies in scenario there’s an “accident”. Whether or not it is your fault or not. Very first start off using the “ideal Phase” after which appear on the “What If” stage to discover your answers. These transformed up positions will permit you to compensate for intentional and/or unintentional reactions from your opponent.

Command Presence

This 1 applies mainly to superior practitioners. Merely set, the team using the football is most most likely to create the touchdown. The one particular asking the questions is in manage in the conversation, and “Offense could be the Very best defense”. You are able to manage a combat by becoming offensive, OR inviting in an attack.
This really is just a Really brief explanation but will suffice for now. You also must obtain this about the MENTAL side too as the physical. Just appear at a Bruce Lee battle scene and look at the “Trance Like” state he achieves in battle, it nearly intimidates you out from the room.