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The Many Benefits of Cayenne

Cayenne pepper is a favorite seasoning in many cultures, but it is good for more than adding flavor to Mexican, Indian and Cajun food. There are several benefits of cayenne that most people are not aware of. Like many other herbs and plants, cayenne contains properties that can improve one’s health in many ways.

Due to its vitamin C content and the rise in body temperature brought on by eating it, cayenne is very good for preventing and treating colds. It has the ability to clear congestion and eating something with cayenne in it will help you feel warmer when you are experiencing chills.

It is not as widely known that cayenne is good for lowering blood pressure. In addition, cayenne can help stop bleeding and improve the body’s circulation. For this reason, many people who have problems with their heart and circulation may benefit from consuming more foods containing cayenne pepper.

Diabetics who are at risk for heart disease may want to use cayenne as a preventative measure. In fact, in addition to lowering blood pressure, cayenne can help keep the pancreas and kidneys healthy as well. Since many diabetics suffer from problems with these organs as their disease progresses, cayenne can be a very important part of a healthy diet for people with diabetes.

One of the other benefits is the relief of muscle aches and pain from arthritis, bursitis and neuralgia. This benefit comes from an ingredient in cayenne that is call capsaicin. Capsaicin creams can be applied to the area as needed to help relieve pain. These creams usually have a capsaicin content of .025% to .075%.

If you have a toothache, you can easily relieve the pain by apply cayenne pepper oil to a cotton ball and applying pressure on it over the tooth that is causing you problems. The toothache should subside within two to three minutes.

There are many health benefits of cayenne pepper, so next time you go out for Mexican food, sprinkle on a little extra your food You can add cayenne to many common foods as well. Experiment a bit to see what foods taste good with a bit of cayenne sprinkled on top.