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Three Major Body Types

Body types should not be confused with body composition.  Genetics may play a role but it should not be used often as a convenient reason for obesity or excess fat. It doesn’t really matter what a person’s genetic makeup is.  The choice to be fat, or thin, still resides with the individual’s personal decision.

There are different genetics that impact how a person can achieve success, one of whom is his body type. The three major different body types are the endomorph body types, the ectomorph body types, and the mesomorph body types.

The endomorph body types store fat easily even if they are going to the fitness center.  These types of bodies are generally known as “big-boned” and have more difficulty in shedding body fat. The mesomorph body types are freaks of genetics because they are naturally muscular and lean.  Mesomorphs require little effort to stay that way either. People with these types of bodies are usually very athletic.  The ectomorph body types are the skinny and lean types.  People with these body types are able to consume loads of carbs without storing fat.  Ectomorphs, however, find it hard to develop muscle.


Mesomorphs are the types we secretly envy and hate.   People with these types of bodies do very little to stay skinny and they lose fat just as easily. They eat foods rich in unhealthy sugar and carbohydrates yet their bodies remain muscular and lean, their body composition unaffected. Mesomorphs are also natural athletes whose bodies respond well to any type of training.


If you’re the skinny type, then you belong to this group.  Ectomorphs are angular, with sharp bones, a small and trim waist plus narrow shoulders.  Ectomorphs are naturally skinny because they utilize excess fat as body heat.  Ectomorphs are also able to handle a high carb diet without gaining an ounce.  Additionally, ectomorphs barely need to work out to maintain muscle mass.  Too much cardio may, in fact, harm them since it causes the loss of too much lean muscle.

Persons with this body type should follow a strict high calorie diet, specifically not missing even one meal. One area where most ectomorphs may have a problem is that they like to consume junk food a lot, especially those rich in sugar and flour.  An ectomorph’s healthy diet should include healthy and nutritious fats from oil and nuts. Half of their calories should be carb-based as well.


Since they have larger amounts of fat cells, endomorphs can store fat much easier than ectomorphs or mesomorphs.  People with this kind of body type are also at high risk from high blood pressure and obesity.  They also have a much slower metabolism than the two other body types.  Since they gain weight just as easily, endomorphs are also prone to depression and feelings of unattractiveness that come with society’s pre-conceived image of the ideal body type.

Unlike mesomorphs, endomorphs have their work cut out for them in exercise and trying to lose weight. They need to be constantly working out and practicing ways to get healthier than the other two body types.  Endomorphs who are carb sensitive and insulin resistant need to follow a low carb diet, especially if they’re cutting fat for the first time.

They also need to inject a high proten diet (between 50 to 55% of their calorie count).  Endomorphs who are putting themselves on the right track to lose weight should avoid foods that contain sugar and flour.  These food are not only fattening but are kryptonite to the diet.

An endomorph should also be aware that losing weight doesn’t mean depending on a healthy diet plan alone.  People with these body types also need to move and shake muscle by doing at least a 45 to 60 minutes cardio workout every day.