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Toxins In Mens Deodorant

More people are health conscious today than ever before, and watch carefully what they put into their bodies. Certain fish are avoided because of the mercury levels while things like saturated fat and trans fat are minimized or cut out of our diet completely. But most of us don’t give a lot of thought to the ingredients that are in the products we use every day like deodorant, shampoos, makeup and toothpaste. And because men are usually less aware of things like that than women, because they just don’t spend as much time choosing products, you might be surprised to learn that some mens deodorant brands contain ethylene glycol, which is used as antifreeze.

Ethylene glycol is a neurotoxin and can be deadly if you swallow it. It’s what gives antifreeze the sweet taste that attracts animals and has caused tragic mix-ups where children have swallowed it thinking it was Kool-Aid or some other sweet drink. The substance has a number of negative effects is can cause. And you could be rubbing it on your skin every day when you use your deodorant, certain types of hand soap and other grooming and hygiene products.

There’s no evidence that this substance in deodorant poses any threat. But please consider that for years, shortening (which is nothing but trans fat) was considered the healthy alternative to lard and margarine (which is trans fat) was considered the healthy alternative to butter. We purchased these products and used them faithfully thinking we were making a good, healthy choice. Now we know different, as it’s been shown that trans fat is far more dangerous to your health than saturated fat.

Whether or not you continue to use a deodorant for men that contains ethylene glycol or any of the other toxic or controversial ingredients commonly used in these products is a personal choice. But you owe it to yourself to get the facts so that you can make an educated choice, whichever product you choose.