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Understand Juicing for Weight Loss and Overall Health

For many people out to lose weight and improve their health, improving their diet is often their first step. Replacing unhealthy drinks such as fizzy drinks that are packed with lots of refined sugar with natural juice is one of the best ways to improve their overall diet.

Juices are packed with nutrition such as essential vitamins and minerals, along with being a great source of fibre. They are also great for the simple fact they’re a replacement for drinks that actually have a negative impact on the body. Unlike the unhealthy refined sugar contained in fizzy drinks such as cola, juices from sources such as oranges contain a natural form of sugar called fructose. This is significant because it is far easier for the body to process this natural sugar, whereas refined sugar is far more taxing for the body to process and whatever it cannot use is turned to fat. This is part of what can cause weight gain, which can also lead to other conditions such as diabetes or heart problems.

There are so many different types of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that can be added into a variety of recipes, but when trying to lose weight and improve your health there are a few things to remember to get the ultimate benefits of juicing. Firstly, it is important to ensure as much of the nutritious content of the juice is kept, as it begins to get lost as soon as the juice is made. Drinking the juice right away is ideal although not always practical when making large amounts in one go.Generally, refrigerating is the best option, as long as the juice is stored in an air tight container or bottle. It is normally fine to store juice for a couple of days, any longer than that and the juice will have significantly less nutritional value and may have actually gone off. One of the most effective ways to benefits from the juices is to take them consistently over a long period of time, this is because most of the nutrients (such as vitamin C) contained in the juice cannot be produced or stored by the body itself and therefore a regular supply is needed to avoid deficiency. Many people are restricted by the amount of free time and money they have in their lives, it is often cheaper and always more time-efficient to make the juice in bulk to last for a few days, so quality storage should always be priority. Also, where possible avoid cooking or heating up any fruits or vegetables as these can also cause a fall in the levels of nutrition in the final juice, as the heat destroys the micro-nutrients

Ultimately though, for the maximum benefits of juicing you should always use fresh ingredients, especially organic ingredients where possible. Organic ingredients have been produced without any artificial additives or covered in any pesticides. Generally, these additives and pesticides aren’t harmful in small amounts but nonetheless, they still aren’t good for your body when trying to make positive changes. Generally, the fresher the ingredients the better and more nutritious they will be. Processed and canned ingredients should be avoided, the methods used to manufacture the fruits/vegetables and then tin them are harmful to the micro nutrients and therefore are almost always far inferior in quality. It is also very common for these tinned fruits and vegetables to come in syrup, which is essentially a form of refined sugar mixed with juice designed to keep the fruit sweet and keep it tasting fresh. This syrup should be avoided when trying to lose weight and improve your health as it will undo any of the benefits produced by the juice.