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Vasectomy Reversals

Ever wonder why someone would consider and want a vasectomy reversal?  After all, the decision was made to get a vasectomy in the first place for a reason.

When a man decides he does not want children or any more children than he already has, he has a couple options.  One is to always be mindful and prepared to use a condom.  However, the other is to have a vasectomy and not have to worry about an accidental pregnancy.

In a vasectomy, the tubes, the vas deferens, that carry the fluid with sperm are cut and then clipped, sutured or burned so that a seal is created.  Usually scarring happens at the site of the cut and sealing.

So now he can’t have any kids.  But what happens if he changes his mind?  It happens to 5 – 10% of men who have had a vasectomy every year and that is a lot of men changing their minds and now wanting children.

Usually the reason for this change of heart is a new woman in his life.  They decide they want children of their own and that is only possible through one of three ways.  One way is with a vasectomy reversal and it has a better chance of success.

When they begin looking around to reverse the vasectomy, they find many options available.  It’s going to take some research to find out all about the things that should be considered by the couple when looking for a reversal doctor.

Sometimes people are appalled when they learn how much such an operation can cost.  Even a low cost vasectomy reversal will be in the thousands.  Just like with tubal reversal insurance won’t cover the cost of your vasectomy reversal, so you will need to be aware of the cost.

But you must also be aware that you know everything going into a quoted cost.  You must be aware of the doctor’s qualifications to be doing a reversal.  This means that cost alone cannot be a deciding factor.  Be sure to take a very close look at anyone offering a low cost vasectomy reversal.