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  • Isolated body workouts vs full body?

    I'm wondering what are the pros/cons of exercising one muscle a day vs doing a fullbody workout a few times a week?

    I'm a beginner to working out if that matters

    any help is appreciated!

    Posted by Fitmon on November 19th 1:49pm

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  • I'm not an expert, but I know it also depends on what your goals are. Are you trying to bulk up a lot? just get leaner?

    Posted by lemonlady29 on November 23rd 4:42pm

  • for a beginner don't worry about any of that. do what feels best and above all good form. after a few weeks you can start looking around at different routines.

    Posted by JohnS99 on November 23rd 4:44pm

  • I would for sure recommend starting with full-body for at least the first month, purely from experience. Also understand, that most supposedly isolated body workouts are still using other muscle groups, just not as much. Regardless I would start with full-body workouts so you get used to the movements and to using PROPER form. After that, you'll be much better suited to started doing isolated workouts since you can target certain muscles only after you've developed them..just my 2cents. good luck!

    Posted by Musclegrab on November 26th 4:28pm

  • Thanx guys for your help. To answer lenonlady, I'm doing it along with a lot of cardio and trying to lose weight mainly and define my muscles more.

    Posted by Fitmon on November 29th 1:24pm

  • full body has worked best for me. Try em each out for 30 days and measure your success.

    Posted by TannMann on December 25th 1:03pm

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