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  • Eat before or after treadmill workout?


    I recently started running about 2 miles first thing in the morning. I'm not sure if it's better to eat right before or wait till after. Thing is if I eat before I usually have to wait around 40 minutes till I can start exercising...anyway just wondering what everyone else does and what the pros/cons are?


    Posted by concept123 on October 15th 4:27pm

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    Posted by concept123 on October 15th 4:33pm

  • I usually eat a little bit before - like a banana or something. also depends on what I ate the night before, sometimes I wake up in the morning and I feel full so then I don't eat anything. my 2 cents

    Posted by RichieRich on October 22nd 2:23pm

  • This really depends on the person. I have a friend that downs a 30oz smoothie before running and has no problems. Personally, I can only have very little food in my system or else it adversely affects my running. Also depends what time of day and if you're running for speed or distance.

    Posted by jacktrack on November 20th 2:21pm

  • I run in the AM on an empty stomach. Then come back home and make a great big smoothie!

    Posted by lemonlady29 on November 23rd 4:40pm

  • both! pre shake and post shake haha but I do run 8+ miles so maybe that's why.

    Posted by JohnS99 on November 23rd 4:44pm

  • I usually eat about 30 min before. something light though.

    Posted by Rikioasis on November 26th 11:05am

  • I second the 30 minutes before thing especially if you're planning on running long distance. I usually have a small banana and some strawberries. Never any any bread or wheat though as that can cause stomach pains for me.

    Posted by Musclegrab on November 26th 4:21pm

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