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  • Female 24yrs weight exercises to tone arms

    I do a lot of running and cycling and I want to start some weightlifting. However, I don't want to get big arms. I just want to be a little more toned. I'm mainly using dumbbells. Can anyone recommend exercises along with sets/reps to achieve this?


    Posted by Rikioasis on November 26th 11:08am

  • Replys

  • You can start doing squats, lunges or you can also join a fitness program for help.

    Posted by DortheaSmith on November 14th 2:00am

  • Hi. Exercises are very important. I recently learnt about programme fitness from this website I suggest you to adopt this so that you get a toned body. Also have a balanced and nutritious diet. This will help you a lot.

    Posted by VanessaGreen on March 9th 1:24am

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