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  • Gluten Free Diet

    Considering starting a totally gluten free diet. I know it's very hard, but I've heard amazing things about the results. Has anyone on here tried the diet?

    Posted by jacktrack on November 20th 2:25pm

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  • Hi jacktrack

    For the past 3 years I have been eating a completely grain free diet (some grains do not contain gluten, but I still do not eat them). After about 2 weeks, I realized this was the diet for me. I felt SO MUCH better. Previously I used to feel bloated after almost every meal. Also my skin started looking much better and my digestion improved dramatically. It definitely has been a challenge sticking to it but for me its well worth it. Learning how to cook meals by yourself is a must and you'll be fine.

    Too much rambling already. Try it and let us know how it goes!

    Posted by lemonlady29 on November 23rd 4:39pm

  • I have heard great things about it..if you think about it from an evolutionary perspective it does make sense since I doubt our ancestors far were eating any bread.

    Posted by Rikioasis on November 26th 11:06am

  • Not sure how much I can add other than I know a number of people who swear by this. That tells me there is definitely something to it.

    Posted by TannMann on December 25th 1:05pm

  • Yes i have tried Gluten free diet, its little bit difficult in early but the results are very satisfactory.

    Posted by DortheaSmith on November 14th 2:03am

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