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  • I want to have a diet consisting of 5 foods only, what are the best options

    I know this sounds weird. But I am very interested in limiting my diet to only 5 items. I am just nto sure what they should be in order that I dont have any deficiencies. I am going to do it for a month only.

    Posted by Musclegrab on November 26th 4:19pm

  • Replys

  • Not sure how smart this is :)

    Posted by TannMann on December 25th 1:06pm

  • Hey there, if you want to get on a diet with only 5 food items then I would like to suggest you to follow a nutritional guide which will help you to choose food items according to your requirement. Also, you will get to know many recipes for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and evening. You can check this - for more details.

    Posted by DortheaSmith on November 23rd 6:39am

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